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Welcome for todays Blogpost. Today I am going to show you a shooting with Franca I did a while ago. It was my first couple shoot this time. Have you ever shot a couple?

The most important to me for this shooting was to catch the romantic and dreamy vibe they both are in. If you do not know them, let me introduce you to the most cheesiest and cutest couple I know - it's Franca and Ole. I wanted to capture their living dream, their love within my photos. So the most important to me was to get them comfortable as possible in front of the camera. Before the shoot I collected some favourite inspiration pictures of couples shoots and let them know about that. I think it's good if they see some examples, to know what vibe I want to capture before we start the shoot. I choose a field with some plants for the shooting location and wanted it to match with their clothing - plus Francas Hair and Make-Up -so I let them wear a warm to natural colour palette. Luckily both took a lot of clothes with them, so we could choose right before the shoot what they could wear to match perfectly together as well as to the nature around.

At the shooting day we had a little walk to the location. During that phase it was necessary for me to get comfortable with the both of them, so they feel well and secure with me. So I let them know what I had planned, where and when. So they both had known what will happens next all the time. With that all they need to focus on is being together and having fun, while they can trust me that I see and know everything necessary. We shot at sunset for the mood, but after a couple of minutes shooting a thunderstorm hit us - my weather app hasn't said anything about that, well done. Because I had some ideas left and the thunderstorm wasn't that stormy and rainy right at the beginning I decided to shoot even while it is raining. That was the best decision at that day. All the pictures you see here are shot in the rain. And I think that makes the photos even more cozy. What do you think?

Even if we get totally wet and I needed to take a lot of care of my gear, it was worth it. It was one of my favourite shoots lately. Have you ever shot on a rainy day? Keep dry and feel loved! Dana

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