• Dana Flügel


Hello to you all out there! Today we are starting with the new series #onegirldifferentstyles and the first shooting I am going to show you, is a little bit darker and moody. What kind of style would you like to see next?

This kinda started very unplanned. Back then I bought me an old 55mm vintage lenses from Pentax. It was my first lenses with a 1.2 f-stop and I needed to test it immediately. So I called my best friend franca, drove into her new apartment without any ideas. All we had known was the idea of her smoking - in real life she had never have a cigarette - wearing only a cardigan, with nothing less and nothing more. At this time her apartment was nearly empty and felt very dark. So I wanted to work with the windows, cause we haven't had any other light source in there. So we started shooting, all we had was the time of one cigarette. First I placed her like you can see in the picture above. I always loved silhouettes, so I went with this one. But I tried different angles, which I didn't like that much before she started to smoke. Because we had some cigarette left and I loved the blurry vibe of the f1.2 I decided to take a through the window shot. All we did there was changed her pose and I climbed behind the window. Because the lighting was so weak, I wanted her to look over her shoulder. I really love how the smoke looks like in this image below. As you can see I went in the editing with a nude colour palette with very soft and brown tones. I haven't done much in the editing. Cause I loved the vibe already.

How do you like these pictures? And have you experience in shooting one model in different styles? I hope you all have a relaxed day! Dana

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