• Dana Flügel


What's up guys? Today I am showing you some footage of my shooting at the Skateboard Parc Utopia in Dortmund. Again I've shot with my best friend Franca and as as special guest with my boyfriendo Olaf.

First I started to search through the internet and Pinterest for some inspiration. And at the same time I was looking for a cool skate location. Luckily Olaf could help me out, if not I would have had a hard time searching for a good location. After that I planned the outfits for the both of them. It was important to me that they matched and looked authentic, like wearing something from vans or other brands (specialised in skating). The cool part is, that we did not buy a thing, because we could collect it from their own wardrobe. At the shooting day I used my Sony A7sii and my Sigma f1.4 50mm lenses for shooting. Again and always shot with available light. At this day it was a little bit cloudy, so the sun wasn't there all the time. Franca can't skate, so I knew that I needed to shot them in a pose, not in action. The first photos I shot on a ramp, but it was kind of pretty difficult to pose them casually. After that little warm up, I shot the first image below. For this I wanted to see the whole place behind. So it's obvious for the viewer where they are. At this time I had this soft backlight of the sun behind the clouds. All I did was waiting for the right shot, where the background was nearly empty, to generate a clean background.

After that we went to the other side of the location, where I found the shopping cart. Franca dared to climb into the cart. It was broken so we needed to stabilize it with some stones at the ground and Olaf needed to press it down with his weight, too. So their poses was really fixed, cause Franca couldn't move much without falling and Olaf needed to hold it tight enough. This whole location is a DIY, and I kind of loved how messy this part of the location was. By now we had the sun and the clouds like a huge sunbounce shining on the two of them. It was sunset at this time. I just love the lighting there.

During the edit process I had some trouble, cause I wanted it to look clean enough, but every time I fixed the broken ground, or the colour splash at the ground etc. it didn't looked authentic anymore. So I decided to go with the look of that place and just added some colour to the picture. Do you know the struggle of editing sometime? Hope you have a sunny day! Dana

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