• Dana Flügel


Everyone knows these colourful photos of fun fairs! So Jill and me decided to visit Kemnade in Flammen in Bochum with best friend Franca in 2018. By now we both had more shooting experience as before. But still, every new location was a new challenges for us.

This experience was overwhelming! As a photographer, as well as a model! There were so many people around us, starring, watching, laughing, everyone of us had to stay focused for a good result. For me it was the first time shooting in a big crowd like this! Sometimes it got hard to understand each other, cause we where shooting with tele lenses in this noisy environment. What I've learned from shooting in public location is, to focus. Forget about the people around you, don't let distract yourself from people jumping right in front of your camera, or those who are watching you like a tv show. They might have never seen stuff like this. If it's so noisy as there, I love to let my models interact or do there own thing, while I can just shoot the moments in between. So I do not need to direct them to them perfect pose, while screaming around the place. Instead of I love to let them act or be in that mood and just shoot with the flow. From time to time I can direct them if I love that and they need to keep that or if they should try something else. But for me, the most natural pictures I've take are the ones where I wasn't that visible shooting my models.

Have you any tips for our readers on shooting in a noisy public location, Jill? Don’t let yourself be disturbed by the surroundings. There sure will be people who will comment on what you are doing, if it’s just nonsense comments just ignore it. But also recognize, that this can be a chance to talk to new clients who could be interested in working with you.

If there is a frame you would like to shoot but there are people passing by in the background communicate that to your model, so you can avoid confusion between your model and yourself, while waiting. Try to shoot from below to avoid people in the background getting into your shot.

Have you ever shoot on a fun fair? Show me your result! I would love to see them! Butterly Greetings Dana