• Dana Flügel

#STORYTIME GIRLBOSS EDITION ft. Jill Abanico and Dontellom

This time I wanted to do a folio shoot with Jill and Alina (from https://www.instagram.com/dontellmom/). I've met Alina as a stylist on shooting with Jill and I have to admit, I just fell in love with her styling. So go check her out, if you do not know her!

This shoot was quite hard for me. I wanted to shoot at a metro station. But I wanted it to look like a not the typical kind of a station. So I went to the metro and was driving through Essen to find my ideal place. In the end I've shoot at the Gruga Station. I've loved the bench and the walls down there. At the day of shooting it was not that busy, luckily. The hardest part for me was shooting with two models in front of my camera. This wasn't my first shooting, but the first fashion focused shooting I've shoot with two models. Shooting with two means they both need to look great individually as well as in the framing as one. What I've learned from this is that it might is easier to give them one position, where they can move in different poses on a small scale, instead of letting them the whole opportunity to move around their posing the way they want. I've to admit they both did a great job, cause they know how to pose in front of a camera. I wanted to let them own their clothing, being a girlboss (inspired by the vibe of the series Girlboss by Kay Cannon). Cause what I've noticed so far in the industry is. You have to be your own boss, you have to own what you do. Cause if you don't you won't get heard or will be pushed around. If you can't, no one else will do this for you. I am struggling a lot of own my place, even if I do a good job. But every time I get uncertain about me, my creativity and work, I remember myself that this is just a journey. Ups and Downs will always be there even if I would win a fucking price for my work. We are all just humans, and everyone I now admire went through this. So when they survived, why should I?

But how do see that topic? I've asked Jill to tell me more about what she thinks about it.

Specifically women (often at a young looking age) often don’t get the respect and honour they deserve because of their outer young appearance. People often assume that we are inexperienced or don’t have to say anything to a certain topic. As our industry is very man-dominated it is twice as hard to get the attention and respect, all you can do yourself is stand your ground and work on your self-confidence to not only approach professionally but truly own yourself and be confident about your work, knowledge and service. I hope I can give you a little bit of strength with this. Are you struggling with being your own boss? Your Girlboss Dana