• Dana Flügel


Welcome back! Today I want to talk about my favourite folio shoot. Shoots don't have to be hard to get a good result. Again I was shooting with Jill! Cause by now we know each other that long that it is easy to work with, cause we know each other best. These photos were taken in the end of September 2019. And I found that place while driving around with my bicycle on a sunny summer day. I fell in love and needed to shoot Jill!

All the photos you can see here are captured with available lighting and my Sony a7sII with a Sigma 50mm lenses. We shot on a cloudy summer day around 15 o'clock. My goal with these photos was to capture the location, as well as Jill herself. I wanted her to be the way she is, no vibe added, no try to be something, just her naturally. For this we bought some clothing right before the shoot, cause I wanted her to match the background colours as good as possible. So nothing can distract the viewer from Jill.

I've had some ideas of photos that I have seen by others, like this one above. I do like experimenting around with different inspirations. Not to copy these photos, I only want to learn new stuff, and maybe one day I need this for another shoot in another context. I think inspiration is the best you can have. At the beginning I often saw photos or videos and wanted to shoot the same. By now I am walking through the streets and the inspirations are coming to me naturally. Like at this place. Where do you get your inspirations from?

This shoot is one of my favourite, because we did not needed much. I often shot on a low budget in my life and it was kind of difficult to achieve that or this. Especially if you want to look like Hollywood. But as you can see in those pictures, if you are just looking at the gear we had, that's not much. The location was for free, clothing can be for free if you want to. I know, it is depends on what and who you want to shoot. But believe, there is always a possibility - especially for practice use - to make it as low budget as you want to. I don't want to say that's the perfect way, or always the way to go, but I love that I know how to think around the corner, how to do this all on my own and still liking the result. And still with these photos I haven't generated any direct income, but I had a lot of fun, I love the result and I can market myself with it. With photos I took of my friend, 5 minutes away from my house where I do live. Do you do shootings just for fun anymore?

Cause Jill and I do started shooting on a low budget, I've asked her if she could give you some tips and tricks for a low budget shoot. And this is what she said:

As always work with what you have. Work your way up from learning how to use available light and how to really use the photographic triangle up to setting artificial light.

So, that's a wrap. I want to continue this series one day. But right now I'll start a new one. As you might have seen in the post before. I have photographed the same person over and over again with different styles. So I want to show you more how I did it, what I focused on and how you could shoot that, too. The series will be called #onegirldifferentstyles - if you recreated some of the following shoots share the hashtag with that post or send it to me please. I would love to see them! Until then, feel free and inspirited. Dana