• Dana Flügel


Wow, this was a long time ago. Me and my friend Jill (from www.jillabanico.com) started to shoot each others back in 2017. We get to know each other from during our studies and we love the fashion industry. So we decided to take our first own fashion photos of ourselves for practice purpose. Oh, I remember, this was an experience! I had never shoot photos on manual mode before. But I loved the idea of taking fashion focused photos and I wanted to learn how to use the parameter of my camera. I remember that it took me 2 hours to shoot Jill and I got three photos that I've liked. I was so uncertain about everything! Not even the parameters, the posing, the setting, the way I was directing Jill as well. By now there exists one photo that I still like. You can see it down below. Until now I love to shoot woman from below. Normally you're shooting woman from above, to let them look prettier. But I think that is not true. I've to admit, not every woman, as well as not every man looks good from this angle. But I just do love the vibe that comes with it. So here it is, my first official fashion focused photos from 2017! What do you think?

Thank you Jill for being so patience (haha). I've asked her too, if she could tell us more about her first photo shoot with me, and how it went. As we already knew each other before there was already trust in doing this together. It was easy, fun and we easily got into a flow. I just love how we always work in a relaxed atmosphere together and it actually never feels like we’re working.

Time flies by. These photos are so fucking old! Kind of funny how we've changed and grown. Can you remember how your first shoot was? With whom did you do it? I hope you all stay save. Dana