• Dana Flügel


Hello boys and Girls, how are you all doing? This photo above I've shot in Jills Bed/Work/Living room. Back then she lived in a small apartment in Bochum, where wasn't much space. Jill had bought the background and we wanted to take practice in our first studio shots. As you might know already, I do shot a lot with natural light, so taking practice in lighting with flash light was new to me. I remember the hardest part was to evenly light it up. As I said her space was small and even the background wasn't that big as you can see it on the end result (luckily photoshop exist to expand the background). I know we had a lot of difficulty with the background itself. Jill herself was easier to light up, but we had a lot of shadows falling on to the background. Finally we used 3 light sources. One main light on the left, one fill on the right and one light source just for the background. What I've learned from this is that you do not need much money for a good photo, even if you want photographs in a studio. Well, we couldn't have shot this with 3 or more people in there, cause the space was too small for it. But if you want to focus on single or couple shoots, you can even light it up in your own four walls. It might not seem to be as professional on the shooting itself, but as long the result is good enough, why should it bother you how you achieve that?

Have you any quick tips for shooting at home with a no or low budget, Jill? You don’t need a big space, you can extend a clean background in the edit afterwards. Work with the light you have at home. Buy an affordable speedlight with a softbox and a lightstand to also be able to work at any time of the day. Have you ever shoot in your own apartment? Feel hugged Dana