I want to look like a tumblr girl! I remember the moment I went to Jill and ask her to photograph me like this, because I loved the style back then. She just laughed and said yes. She will do it, when I can photograph her like a fighter. So we both went to the botanical garden at the RUB in Bochum.

Back then it was a warm and cloudy day. First I started to shoot her. As always I've shoot with natural light and I was experimenting with the settings and posing of Jill. I'd love flowers and vegetation and somehow it was easier for me to find good compositions. Jill herself is for me the definition of a fighter. So it was quite easy to navigate her to the right feeling. I loved her style at that day. Somehow I've got into a flow where we just walked around, without any pressure, having fun and just took some cool photos of karate kid Jill. I think some shoots will always come more naturally to you, and others you have to force yourself to a good result. But after all, I've learned from every practice, even when I am just shooting my best friends. I still do shoots like that by now. Because I like to play with different styling and set-ups. And what's better than practicing with a good friend?

But how was it for you to be photographed by me, Jill?

It was easy and fun. I just love your aesthetics and how you portray me. When, you photograph me I know that I can trust you being able to capture my best sides. The next chapter is coming in two weeks! Until then stay cool during this hot period of summer! Dana

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