dana flügel.

cinematographer and photographer 

based in dortmund.


Hi, I am Dana.
    absolutely in love with funny cat pics.


            But most of the time I spend behind the camera.
          One day as a full time DOP. That's the plan up to here.

     I've always loved art. And I think it's the art behind to give
 the viewer a feeling. That's why I am shooting. For me music and
fashion is so interesting, because it can give people a certain
   vibe. What defines me is that you can not directly define the
 way I work or the style of my pictures. I just let myself be
 carried by the feeling and catch exactly this mood in a flow.
     Because that's what I'm good at, capturing a feeling. 

 Well, I like to cut it short. Let's just chat and see if the
mood flows between the two of us. So just give me a quick
   call and then we can see where this can end.

                                                 K, have a fluffy day, byeeeeeee. 


        P.S.: My dream is to drive around the world in a van while I can do just 
         that: To simply capture emotions with my camera all day long in order                        to move people all around the globe. I am wondering,                         
              what are you dreaming of? 

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PHONE: +49 1577 7214916

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